The Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts Right Now

Even though cryptocurrency and blockchain are some of the most interesting and most popular trends right now, not everyone has the time to sit down and read articles upon articles to learn about them. So, here’s a comprehensive list of the four best podcasts to listen to right now, as referenced in an article on Liquid

Bitcoin Audible

Like the premise of Audible, why read articles when you can listen to them? In the span of a 60-minute episode, host Guy Swann breaks down some of the hardest to grasp concepts of Bitcoin into easy-to-digest podcasts. That sure beats hours of reading. 


This podcast is one of the most trusted podcasts from people who know cryptocurrency. Laura Shin covers her podcasts in the style of an interview so that she can feature experts on the topic. People love this podcast because it has an interactive style. 

Hash Power from Invest Like the Best

If you’re new to crypto and you’re just looking for the basics, the series Hash Power from Invest Like the Best is the perfect place to start. This three-episode series shows you exactly how blockchain works. Apart from these three episodes, Invest Like the Best is a great outlet if you’re looking for investment advice. This podcast is a good place to learn about the ins and outs of market situations, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for new episodes of this podcast.


If you’re looking for someone with credentials, Epicenter is practically the OG of blockchain and crypto podcasts. This team has been talking about cryptocurrency since 2013, so they’re seasoned veterans in the game, to say the least. As they’re so experienced, when the team starts talking about the new happenings in crypto, it’s easy to trust them. If that doesn’t sell you, they have more than 400 podcast episodes about everything crypto, bitcoin, and blockchain. It’s a crypto lover’s dream!


You don’t need to force yourself to sit down and read long articles just because you want to learn. Podcasts are easily and readily available for those who want to listen!

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