Best Tech Books For Beginners 

Books are helpful to teach us about a wide range of topics. We use books to gain insight into History, enjoy riveting storytelling, and even learn a new skill. Although technology is heavily computer-based, there are many exciting books on tech-related subjects that are fantastic for beginners. Let’s look at some of the top books on tech that people have valued over the years.

Cyber Privacy (Who Has Your Data And Why You Should Care – April Falcon Doss

Cyber Privacy gets into almost bone-chilling details and states the dire need for more laws and regulations designed to protect our personal data. April notes that data tracking is indeed a very serious issue, and it affects every single one of us every day. No matter if you are a high profile person or an average Joe, living in a big city or a small town, people and systems are collecting your data. They do this to target, assess, profile, predict behaviors and analyze attitudes. Technology is only evolving each year, and monitoring will continue to become more and more evasive if no policies are set. 

The Hype Machine (How Social Media Disrupts Our Elections, Our Economy, and Our Health–and How We Must Adapt) – Sinan Aral

This book is a look deep inside at how social media affects how we make decisions and how it shapes the world in many different forms, both good and very bad. The book features details about the 2020 election and how it played out online, citing various social media networks and even mentioning the Russian hackers. Social media is not just an innovative way for brands to market; it affects everything in our lives, from dating to dating to health and cognitive actions. 

Turning Point (Policymaking in the Era of Artificial Intelligence) – Darrell M. West & John R. Allen

Turning Point explores the opportunities and possible dangers of integrating artificial intelligence into daily life. While we currently view artificial intelligence as e-commerce algorithms planting sponsored ads on our feeds, and self-driving cars, artificial intelligence can go a lot deeper. The authors detail how the technology actually works and why it can cause a complete lack of privacy if it continues to spread through every industry. The book also provides suggestions for how to modify artificial intelligence to be more helpful than harmful.

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