Background & Career

Opeyemi Odeyale has had a lifelong interest in finance, and specifically in fintech. Over the years, Opeyemi has seen how frustrating many modern technologies can be and how financial services are still quite costly, time-consuming, or otherwise burdensome. Due to these hurdles, Opeyemi decided to find opportunities to make financial services better, leading to the creation of Ping Express.

Ping Express is Opeyemi’s business based in Dallas, Texas, which takes the complicated process of international money transfers and simplifies it. Opeyemi wanted a quick, instantaneous process that could provide better exchange rates than other services. Thus, he came up with the idea for Ping Express and has since grown it into an international success. Currently, Opeyemi Odeyale is the Co-Founder, CFO, and COO for Ping Express, overseeing all financial matters, as well as all business matters.

Although Opeyemi Odeyale is an entrepreneur and has started his own successful business, he has previously worked for several major companies in finance. Notably, he has worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Aviva, Lloyds & Barclays, and JP Morgan & Oceanic Capital. In these roles, he primarily focused on auditing, consulting, accounting, and general corporate finance. All of these skills have prepared Opeyemi to start Ping Express and run its financial matters with ease.

While Opeyemi has the professional experience to back up his expertise in finance, he also has an educational background that serves as a solid foundation for his work. He received his B.S. in Economics from the University of Sokoto in 2000, followed by his M.S. in Business from Edinburgh Business School in 2007. Opeyemi also completed a Fellowship in Accountancy with the ACCA in 2007.


In the future, Opeyemi Odeyale is interested to see the direction that fintech and currency services take. He is curious about cryptocurrency and whether it may turn into an advantageous option for money transfers. He is also remaining up-to-speed with trends in banking and with other major players in the space. He looks forward to providing fresh ideas that address concerns in the financial world, particularly with regard to personal financial services.

Aside from his desire to help people complete financial transactions in an easier way, Opeyemi also wants to grow his business and provide an excellent customer experience to each and every person who uses his services. Opeyemi hopes that by focusing on what consumers need and want most, he will be able to create products that target those needs effectively and eliminate problems for people around the world.