The Best Digital Currency Texts To Read In 2021

Digital currency has been on the rise, and everyone is wondering what’s going or what’s in store for the future. With the help of these texts, you can learn more about digital currencies and their role in 2021.

Layered Money By Nik Bhatia

In this deep dive into the evolution of currency systems worldwide, Nik Bhatia shares with readers how money evolved into what he likes to call a “layered” manner. He uses gold as an example and explains the layer of this is currency from raw material to golden coins, and eventually gold certificates issued by banks. Bhatia’s analysis of “layered money” highlights the money markets for any type of reader and dig deeps into how Bitcoin is becoming a trusted currency over the globe. 

The Money Plot by Frederick Kaufman

Frederick Kaufman highlights the history of money, starting with early myths and closing it all off with Wall Street’s present-day doings. The Money Plot can be used as a tool to understand modern banking and finance. Kaufman believes that if people cannot recognize what’s happening in the currency industry, then there are risks at hand. 

Cryptocurrency Trading by Dave Raymond

If you want to know more about the top digital cryptocurrencies and understand why you should invest in them right now, then this site is for you. Cryptocurrency is a concept used in the monetary system that is an alternative to fiat currency. Large businesses, startups, and even entrepreneurs have invested in digital cryptocurrencies and consider them a groundbreaking tool.

A Fistful of Bitcoins by Massimo Amato Ph.D. and Luca Fantacci PhD

A Fistful of Bitcoins reveals the paradoxes of the first digital currency to receive global attention. The authors highlight everything from cryptographic protocols to the retrograde monetary theories that support Bitcoin. If you’re concerned about what money is and what money will become, this is the book.

Blockchain Technologies, Application, and Cryptocurrencies by Sam Goundar

This text is the perfect reference for researchers, scholars, and practitioners who want to keep their knowledge up to date regarding analysis and methodologies. Sam Goundar dives into how digital currencies are intended to give comprehensive coverage and understand how they are used within business and organizations.

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