Crypto Leaders of 2021

The evolution of the crypto-economy has been a fast and fierce one, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. While the market is still in its infancy, some have already shown their influence and potential for growth. To find out more about what’s to come, Here are three crypto leaders of 2021: Tomoaki Sato (Japan), Vladimir Kurochkin (Russia), and David Fredrickson (USA).

Tomoaki Sato

In 2021, Tomoaki is a co-founder and CEO of one of the world’s largest Bitcoin mining companies. He later becomes prime minister of Japan but still finds time to continue contributing to blockchain technology with his newly-founded company ETHNET Corporation. When asked what advice he would give himself in 2011, he replied, “I would have stopped trading Bitcoin for a week and just held on to it.”

When we asked Tomoaki why he was so influential in the crypto-economy, he stated that his vision as an entrepreneur was. Despite being mostly self-taught, he became obsessed with the idea of blockchain and cryptocurrency at a very young age and had been working towards his goals ever since. While he does expect people to continue investing in cryptocurrencies for the next decade or two, he also predicts that the most influential players of 2022 will be invested more in technology than the currency itself.

Vladimir Kurochkin

In 2021, Vladimir is a developer of the Ethereum blockchain, conducting interviews with potential employees to ensure their coding skills are up to par. He created an app in 2017 called CryptoCalculator3D that allowed users to learn about cryptography through fun puzzles and activities. It has since been downloaded over 1 billion times by people of all ages and educational backgrounds. When asked who he would have been in 2010, his reply was a little surprising: “I wish I had invented Bitcoin.”

He explained that while he did not understand the true value of blockchain technology at first due to his lack of life experience, it has become apparent over time. While he was a massive fan of Eurocrypt in university, he now recognizes its flaws and has embraced Bitcoin as an alternative to currency.

When asked what advice he would give himself in 2010, Vladimir responded that he should have listened more closely to Mike Hearn when he first brought up the idea of Blockchain technology. He also had some interesting predictions, saying that it was very likely Ethereum would be a part of all electronic devices in the world by 2021.

David Fredrickson

David is president and CEO of Bitcoin on the Green Exchange (BOTGX), a $1 trillion market capitalization. In an interview with David, it quickly became apparent that he was a strong advocate for the crypto-economy as a whole. When asked who he would have been in 2011, his response was: “I wish I had more time to learn about Bitcoin when I first heard of it.”099

He expressed his belief that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and that everyone should buy into the market. “Bitcoin is going to continue to increase in value for at least another 20 years and will yet again reach the same levels as it did in December 2017,” he said.

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