A Beginner’s Guide to Crytocurrency

Cryptocurrency isn’t as new as it used to be, but there are still plenty of people who are new to it. There are certain things that crypto beginners should be aware of.

Learn Everything You Can:

Cryptocurrency has taken enough hold over the world that there are plenty of resources you can learn from. Talk to people, listen to podcasts, visit forums, read articles, and watch videos. Do everything you can to understand blockchain, which is the underlying technology behind cryptocurrency. See for yourself why banks fear crypto, why governments struggle between regulating or taxing it, and how to use it themselves.

Don’t Invest Your Safe Money:

This market is really volatile. Much of it is fueled by hype and even sentimentality. It’s possible to make 1000 percent returns one year and then see a horrendous crash. While so far, most crypto markets have rebounded much higher after each crash than they lost, it’s still a crapshoot. You can make money here, but don’t park your retirement savings or even your emergency savings fund here.

Think Ahead:

Even though cryptocurrency seems like it makes people rich overnight, that might only happen if they’ve been in the game for a while and have enough exposure to the market at the right time. Always be looking past the horizon regarding how long it might take you to make money here.

Diversification Still Matters:

This is the mantra of traditional investing, but it still matters in the world of crypto. In fact, it matters in two ways. First, you shouldn’t put everything into cryptocurrency. Second, within the world of crypto, you should diversify, too. Put plenty into Ethereum and Bitcoin, as they are the traditional pillars of crypto, but spread the rest around altcoins and other coins with good fundamentals.

Watch Coin Values:

Crypto isn’t the same as the forex markets, but coin values do go up and down. If you watch them long enough, you’ll see the patterns. You’ll start seeing opportunities and things to avoid.

Cryptocurrency isn’t wet behind the ears anymore, but it’s still a new concept to many who have heard of it but have yet to expose themselves to it personally.

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